Virtual data rooms for confidential business processes


DataroomX® is the cloud solution for secure access to your confidential documents, which you want to make available to potential investors or buyers through investments or sales. It is the ideal transaction data room for due diligence, real estate, M & A, insolvency chancery, etc.

Virtual data rooms for lawyers

The lawyer offers a holistic solution: data rooms that are secured in Germany against unauthorized access. In the Federal Law on Prosecution and the Code of Profession for Lawyers, it is clear that the lawyer is obliged to maintain secrecy (§ 43a BRAO, § 2, para. 1 BORA) and he fulfills this obligation with virtual data rooms of dataroomX.


Use of data rooms in companies

Data rooms have always been used by companies to store sensitive documents, which should be accessed by other people. This is indispensable for due diligence examinations. In former times, such data rooms were often the secure archives of a lawyer or notary; bank secrets were also used for secret documents.

Data room with server location in Germany

All entrepreneurs, as well as established companies in the market, have to take care of important data. The data room with server location in Germany offers a very high level of security and is therefore recommended. In order to protect business transactions from the outset and permanently, there is VDR. The abbreviation stands for Virtual Datarooms, which are exactly where they are safest.

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