Virtual Data Rooms for Mergers & Acquisitions


For Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A), data rooms are the appropriate instrument to provide interested investors with the necessary documents in the case of company acquisitions or mergers. The granting of flexible reading rights ensures the obligation to maintain secrecy even at the level of documents or orders.

Efficient work with data rooms: M & A business in 2017

However, many of the solutions offered so far in Germany do not offer flexible user rights and do not meet the central user requirements, especially for small and medium-sized projects. High costs, lack of flexibility with regard to individual design, complex structures or even data hosting outside of Germany are among the often mentioned improvement points. This is where dataroomX® differs from the competition.
Fixed data room price

With dataroomX®, you do not have to worry about hidden costs. You benefit from the transparency and flexibility of dataroomX®:

Since you are not bound by any annual agreement, you have the option to cancel at any time every month.
For 50 Euros net per month you can leave your data room at rest.
In addition, there is the option to open up your data room with its own domain address.

Corporate & Branding Design for data rooms

Design your data rooms with your personal company logo in a professional way. Use a customized project logo to personalize your data room. To optimize the recognition value and promote your professional image. To protect you from data theft, your PDF documents receive an automatic watermark with a reader and date stamp. Optionally, saving or printing can be disabled. You can customize the appearance of your data rooms according to your personal requirements. With just a few clicks, you can change the font and background colors for the login page and the data rooms.

Practical information management at your Dataroom

As soon as you have uploaded a new document or added a new user / reader, the users are informed by pre-made mail. You have the choice between three languages ​​- German, French and English. Your readers can use one of these languages ​​for operation. The assignment takes place individually.
Optimal safety precautions

The datacenter, where your data rooms are located, is a data center certified by TÜV Rheinland according to ISO 27001 as a Secure Data Center. Your data is managed only on servers hosted in Germany. They benefit from SSL-certified data storage. With the help of a hybrid encryption protocol, the secure data transmission on the Internet is guaranteed.
Intuitive user interface

With dataroomX® you benefit from a simple operation, which can be used quickly without any training effort. With dataroomX, virtual data rooming is fast and uncomplicated. Thanks to fixed prices, dataroomX® offers you a predictable cost.

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