Benefits of the data room “dataroomX®”

Simple and fast: The virtual data rooms by dataroomX®

Our development of the data room software dataroomX® is based exclusively on the requirements of our customers. Take a look at the control centre of the virtual data rooms in our video, and see for yourself: Setting up a data room really is that simple and fast. Click here to expand the video.

dataroomX® clearly distinguishes itself from relevant competitors in key areas. Base your trust on the following unique selling points:

  • Data hosting in Germany – We take your data security very seriously. No data provision on foreign servers.
  • Software made in Germany – development and programming in Germany, and continuous alignment with your customer requirements.
  • Straightforward operation – User-friendly user interface and access via your web browser without tedious computer installation.
  • Fair and clear fee structure – We put an end to complex billing models based on page views, data transfer and document quantities.
  • Experienced software firm – As internet pioneers, we have been developing leading and state-of-the-art internet applications for 20 years.
  • Reliable partner – Our company regularly receives excellent credit ratings from independent institutions. A partner with a future!

At present, you only need one data room which should be available quickly. You have no special customisation requests. Typical security instruments we provide as standard are sufficient for you.

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Do you use data regularly and look after several projects per year? Then you are likely to be interested in designing your ‚data spaces‘ and using an individual domain.

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You manage a variety of projects. Your individual requirements are high and do not correspond to the usual rental solutions. Then you may have thought of having your own data space, in which you can implement all your individual ideas regarding form, function and design. We will be pleased to advise you in a personal consultation and to provide you with the right package.

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  • Individual design options – Our customers are able to adapt their data rooms as needed: From alignment to their corporate design to integration into their website.
  • Multilingual user navigation – In international business, it is important to offer user navigation in the language of the parties involved.
  • Open to add-ons – We are happy to develop add-ons to your data room application according to your special requirements.

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