Initiative-S & dataroomX®

The data room with security certificate

More security for your data room: and all dataroomX ® data rooms are verified by the Initiative-S. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy as part of the „IT Security in Business“ initiative and is certified by TÜV Saarland according to the „Certificus WebCheck“ procedure.

Internet sites are constantly under attack by hackers

The Initiative-S informs small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about the danger that many are unaware of. After the complex creation of the website, companies often lose sight of the topic and become an ideal cyber victim. The experts of the Initiative-S support SMEs to regularly check their websites, to free them of malicious software and to protect them against new attacks. German Internet sites are one of the most popular targets of cyber criminals: „Twelve percent of all web resources that deliver malicious programs come from Germany.“ (Source: Kaspersky)

Avoid image loss

Thus, there is a high probability that the Internet pages of the own company are affected. Customers and prospective customers who are informed online may infect their computers with malicious code such as viruses and trojans. Or the computers are part of a so-called bot network and unintentionally used to send spam and phishing e-mails or even for DDoS attacks and economic espionage. Your local computers may be infected and your Internet sites blocked by your provider or search engines such as Google. The responsibility for this is borne by the companies and the consequences can be far-reaching: They are liable for damage to third parties and your website visitors can take legal action against you. The loss of image and economic damage can lead to ruin.

Permanent Parsing Code Check

Eco establishes an infrastructure that, upon the consent of the website operator, analyzes the websites of the company at regular intervals for malicious code and directly informs it in case of an infestation. This enables SMEs to check their Internet presence free of charge for malicious code during the project phase. This measure is an effective means to simultaneously continue the fight against botnets (the biggest threat in the area of ​​cybercrime). The aim is to develop an online offer specifically tailored to the SME sector and to support SMEs in the field of Internet security.

Significant security gain – less infection

The infrastructure of the Initiative-S will be able to scan 30-300 thousand websites per day (depending on the number of sub-sites) after completion of the setup and test phase. The greatest challenge is the targeted approach and accessibility of SMEs. Therefore, based on the experience and statistics from the ABBZ project (, at least five percent of the companies, which are enthusiastic about the Initiative-S and motivate them to participate, have emanated from a minimum of two million websites in Germany Should be. This would correspond to 100,000 websites and would be a significant safety gain after a two-year period due to a smaller number of infected web servers in Germany compared to the current status quo. The main objective is to support SMEs on the subject of Internet security and to raise awareness on a lasting basis.