The all-rounders: Data rooms by dataroomX®

Please find a detailed description of the dataroomX® functions below.

Data rooms
Set up an unlimited number of data rooms with dataroomX®.


User rights by file
The data room solution dataroomX® offers a significant advantage in the allocation of flexible read rights: Since your customers can only see the allocated files, compliance with confidentiality obligations for the relevant target audience is ensured.


Traffic, documents, storage space
No hidden costs, no billing by page views, document quantities or storage space. – No more unpredictable costs!


Monthly cancellation
Flexibility is key – Including in the term of your data rooms. No 12-months adhesion contract. You can terminate the contract with one-months notice at any time, or leave the data room dormant for EUR 50 per month.

Your own Domain
You can now appear even more professional: Open your data room under your own domain address. You are not tied to, but can choose freely.


Your company logo
Simply integrate your company logo to create a professional appearance for your data rooms! A stroke of genius!


Project logo by data room
Customise your data room by assigning a dedicated project logo to the data room. For instance, upload the logo of the company for sale. This enhances recognisability while promoting a professional appearance!


Adaptable watermark
All PDF documents are automatically watermarked with date stamp and reader. The watermark can also be adapted with your company name!


Protected view
Alternatively, the download and printing of PDF documents can be blocked. Viewing is only possible on each side with the highly secure „dataroomX ® -Viewer“. It is not possible to print, save or make screenshots. Each page is also protected by an automatic watermark.


Design / colour adjustment
You are able to customise the appearance of your data rooms. Changing the background and font colours of the login page and for all data rooms could not be easier.


Messages and status emails
A new document has been uploaded; you have set up a new reader/user. Pre-drafted emails inform the addressees in standard format, so that you don’t have to formulate them.


You can select from three languages (German, English, French) with which your readers can operate the data room. Different languages can be allocated to each reader.

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TÜV certified server
Your data rooms are located in a data centre that is certified by TÜV Rheinland as a secure data centre according to ISO 27001.

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German server location
Your data sits exclusively on servers hosted in Germany.


Encrypted data communication
All data rooms are SSL certified: The data transmission guarantees a hybrid encryption protocol for secure online data transfer.


Security certificate Initiative S and all dataroomX® data rooms are audited by Initiative-S. The Project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the “IT Security in Commerce” initiative.


Intuitive user interface
Simple operation and avoidance of training costs are the pillars of dataroomX®.

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High availability
dataroomX® means fast download times: Innovative programming techniques with higher write and read speeds, connection to a broadband network plus redundant data connection, as continuous monitoring deliver top performance for you and your data rooms.