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Virtual data rooms are cloud-based web applications, which give companies in the context of due diligence an insight into confidential documents. After completion of the due diligence phase, disputes arise again and again, for instance when unsuccessful bidders claim not to have received certain documents. Three sealing options for dataroomX® The analogue sealing is done […]

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DataroomX can be terminated monthly

Institutions such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) repeatedly warn of gag contracts with data room providers -m any contracts can’t be terminated monthly. Explicitly, it recommends checking whether the service provider allows the customer to change the provider. No barriers to dataroom switching with dataroomX® data rooms This means that providers want […]

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Data room cloud – top 5 cloud-trends in 2017

Cloud computing is one of the hot topics in Germany. As René Büst writes in Computer Week, more than 85 percent of companies are actively involved in the topic of cloud computing. More than a quarter use clouds as an integral part of the IT strategy, according to the expert. René Büst is Director of […]

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The industrial and competition espionage is flourishing. In order to gain the illegal know-how of the competition, economic spies can come up with a lot. Particularly secure cloud solutions offer solutions in the form of virtual data storage. These are particularly secure server systems that offer computer space for rent. Data rooms for rent The […]

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Rent data rooms

Customers can rent data rooms with dataroomX®. Companies use them for M&A, due diligence or real estate. As a rental solution, virtual data rooms have increasingly gained ground in recent years.

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Checklist for virtual data rooms

Numerous companies offer virtual data rooms. Data rooms are independently secured virtual drives in which sensitive documents and data are exchanged. This is why traditional cloud or file hosting solutions are not suitable: the providers are not focussed on security aspects. For instance, one of the largest file hosting services (also known as cloud storage) […]

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