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The M & A industry uses specialized cloud providers for their due diligence processes. However, data room solutions must meet the high security requirements. But clouds especially designed for data rooms are rare or too expensive. For a number of years now, there have been specialized data room providers, which provide the documents to prospective […]

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Data room test winner: The best data rooms

In the search for the appropriate data room provider, a checklist helps to locate your test winner. The web-based cloud provider for dataroomX® has compiled the most important points. Server location Germany In the search for the best German virtual data room provider, special attention is paid to the programming and development of the manufacturer’s […]

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Virtual data rooms are cloud-based web applications, which give companies in the context of due diligence an insight into confidential documents. After completion of the due diligence phase, disputes arise again and again, for instance when unsuccessful bidders claim not to have received certain documents. Three sealing options for dataroomX® The analogue sealing is done […]

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DataroomX can be terminated monthly

Institutions such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) repeatedly warn of gag contracts with data room providers -m any contracts can’t be terminated monthly. Explicitly, it recommends checking whether the service provider allows the customer to change the provider. No barriers to dataroom switching with dataroomX® data rooms This means that providers want […]

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Lawyers and their employees are subject to a special secrecy, as required by the professional code. The transmission of information on the Internet is therefore often a problem. Many vendors offer secure transmission solutions for law firms. But these computers must lie according to German data protection in Germany. The suppliers of Dataroom solutions often […]

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Compare data room providere: DataroomX scores

Our customer survey in the first quarter of 2017 proves again: dataroomX® offers the currently simplest-to-use data room in Germany. In terms of security, dataroomX® also scores with the TÜV certification as a secure data center clearly ahead of all other German providers. Compare data rooms Comparing the data room providers, one encounters few veritable […]

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Check lists for data rooms

Financial due diligence in particular requires virtual data rooms. Here, strengths and weaknesses in company purchases are estimated. For the analysis, buyers and their consultants use checklists for better project management during the due diligence phase. Data rooms in the due diligence process Data areas contribute to the structure of the financial due diligence. Such […]

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Data rooms – made in Germany

Data rooms, also referred to as Virtual Data Rooms (VDR), are increasingly being used to exchange risk assessments for company and property sales. These are protected against copying and protected by digital watermarks. Potential prospective customers are placed in a secure digital room for the corresponding documents for inspection. Data room – Made in Germany […]

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Manage real estate data rooms reliably

Real estate owners and buyers know the issue best: Real estate cause countless documents. Inscriptions, plans, contracts, building surveys, building permits, appraisals, ancillary expenses accounts, just to name a few. These documents must be monitored in the Real Estate. Documents must be securely stored and locked in a secure data room cloud. In the data […]

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Cloud: M&A in a virtual data room

Electronic data rooms have long been standard in many M & A transactions. Physical data rooms where you meet with a notary, lawyer or tax consultant are part of the story. Virtual data rooms are also on the rise in other industries. The advantages of the virtual data room prevail. Is it worth a stake […]

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There are still some legal hurdles. The electronic data rooms for lawyers, which primarily enable the storage and transmission of legally protected e-mails, should be in operation long ago. Two lawyers have obtained an interim injunction, which delays the commissioning of the electronic law mailbox called „beA“. Electronic law enforcement mailbox with start difficulties The […]

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Virtual data rooms are the ideal instruments for exchanging sensitive data. Data room providers operate certified data centers and ensure secure availability and protection of the documents. Various safety sluices guarantee compliance with the highest safety requirements on the customer, user and supplier side. This will make your data room project successful: Checklist 2017: 10 […]

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The industrial and competition espionage is flourishing. In order to gain the illegal know-how of the competition, economic spies can come up with a lot. Particularly secure cloud solutions offer solutions in the form of virtual data storage. These are particularly secure server systems that offer computer space for rent. Data rooms for rent The […]

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Checklist for virtual data rooms

Numerous companies offer virtual data rooms. Data rooms are independently secured virtual drives in which sensitive documents and data are exchanged. This is why traditional cloud or file hosting solutions are not suitable: the providers are not focussed on security aspects. For instance, one of the largest file hosting services (also known as cloud storage) […]

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Virtual data rooms – Made in Germany

Data rooms or virtual data rooms (VDR) are increasingly used to exchange information in the course risk assessments for company or real estate sales. Relevant documents are saved to a secured digital space, so that they can be reviewed by prospects. These are protected against duplication and bear a digital watermark. Data room – Made […]

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Data rooms

Our development of our cloud solution for data rooms is based exclusively on the requirements of our customers.

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