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Invitation to Ostwestfalen-Lippe

In cooperation with the Institute for Business Foundation and Business Succession (IUG) of the University of Applied Sciences of the Middle Class, the German Institute for Business Succession (DIfU) organizes the successor day Ostwestfalen-Lippe on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 16:30. On behalf of all involved, the DIfU would like to cordially invite you

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Compare data room providere: DataroomX scores

Our customer survey in the first quarter of 2017 proves again: dataroomX® offers the currently simplest-to-use data room in Germany. In terms of security, dataroomX® also scores with the TÜV certification as a secure data center clearly ahead of all other German providers. Compare data rooms Comparing the data room providers, one encounters few veritable […]

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Managing real estate securely with real estate data rooms

Real estate owners and buyers know the problem. Real estate generates numerous documents: exposés, land register entries, valuations, building data, plans, building permits, ancillary costs, contracts, etc. These documents want to be managed in real estate. Economically and up-to-date, the documents should be stored decentrally in a secure data room cloud, where they can be […]

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Data room prices

Prices for data room solutions are often not transparent. DataroomX® makes its prices transparent. There are no hidden costs. Because prices are no secret. Many vendors initially want to elicit the data of the potential customer in order to work with the address. Absolutely legitimate, but not the concept of dataroomX®, which scores through an […]

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The best German data room provider

Superlatives like „best German data room“, „top provider data room“ or „best-rated data room“ are untrustworthy names for the Dataroom business in Germany. Of course, reviews, surveys, tests on data rooms or awards provide important clues in the search for the best provider. However, on closer inspection, it is clear that the requirements are different […]

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Dataroom test – test first!

Compare the data room manager dataroomX® and make your personal „setup“ test. For only he who makes himself his own image can make the right decision. Therefore, test the cloud solution for data centers for 14 days without obligation for your DD business. The data room test DataroomX® is straightforward, eliminates overpriced and untransparent costs […]

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Data rooms with state-of-the-art server technology

The new version of dataroomX® scores with numerous improvements. Always close to the user, is continually adjusted and sustainably optimized. Always up-to-date with programming technology, this is one of the maxims for the developers of the highly secure data room cloud dataroomX®. The application promises the perfect combination of security and innovation for demanding data […]

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Check lists for data rooms

Financial due diligence in particular requires virtual data rooms. Here, strengths and weaknesses in company purchases are estimated. For the analysis, buyers and their consultants use checklists for better project management during the due diligence phase. Data rooms in the due diligence process Data areas contribute to the structure of the financial due diligence. Such […]

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Data rooms – made in Germany

Data rooms, also referred to as Virtual Data Rooms (VDR), are increasingly being used to exchange risk assessments for company and property sales. These are protected against copying and protected by digital watermarks. Potential prospective customers are placed in a secure digital room for the corresponding documents for inspection. Data room – Made in Germany […]

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Manage data rooms quickly and easily, without sacrificing security. For many companies, this is the outstanding feature of the virtual data room. As a security feature, documents are stored in the data rooms with digital watermarks. These are counterfeit-proof, because they write an individual time stamp and a user identification in the background of the […]

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Manage real estate data rooms reliably

Real estate owners and buyers know the issue best: Real estate cause countless documents. Inscriptions, plans, contracts, building surveys, building permits, appraisals, ancillary expenses accounts, just to name a few. These documents must be monitored in the Real Estate. Documents must be securely stored and locked in a secure data room cloud. In the data […]

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Due Diligence in a virtual Data Room

Merger & Acquisitions (M & A) is a new technology that is leading the way: The virtual data room. In specialist circles, it is estimated that hardly any physical data room is set up for the purpose of monitoring company numbers in mergers and acquisitions. Virtual data rooms become the standard The virtual data room […]

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Cloud: M&A in a virtual data room

Electronic data rooms have long been standard in many M & A transactions. Physical data rooms where you meet with a notary, lawyer or tax consultant are part of the story. Virtual data rooms are also on the rise in other industries. The advantages of the virtual data room prevail. Is it worth a stake […]

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Virtual Data Rooms for Mergers & Acquisitions

For Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A), data rooms are the appropriate instrument to provide interested investors with the necessary documents in the case of company acquisitions or mergers. The granting of flexible reading rights ensures the obligation to maintain secrecy even at the level of documents or orders. Efficient work with data rooms: M […]

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Virtual data rooms are the ideal instruments for exchanging sensitive data. Data room providers operate certified data centers and ensure secure availability and protection of the documents. Various safety sluices guarantee compliance with the highest safety requirements on the customer, user and supplier side. This will make your data room project successful: Checklist 2017: 10 […]

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The industrial and competition espionage is flourishing. In order to gain the illegal know-how of the competition, economic spies can come up with a lot. Particularly secure cloud solutions offer solutions in the form of virtual data storage. These are particularly secure server systems that offer computer space for rent. Data rooms for rent The […]

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Rent data rooms

Customers can rent data rooms with dataroomX®. Companies use them for M&A, due diligence or real estate. As a rental solution, virtual data rooms have increasingly gained ground in recent years.

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User friendly data rooms at dataroomX®

Today’s data rooms should be marked by extreme user-friendliness. dataroomX® paid attention to that. Users lose interest if they see countless buttons and ambiguous settings.

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Data rooms for mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions are transactions involving the ownership of companies or their business units. They relate to company acquisitions and mergers, leveraged buyouts, operational handovers, joint ventures and spin-offs. In the German-speaking world, the term M&A also encompasses outsourcing and insourcing.

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Comparison of data room providers

Our customer survey from September 2016 shows: dataroomX® offers the most user-friendly data rooms in Germany. When it comes to security, dataroomX® is clearly ahead of other German providers with its TÜV certification as a secure data centre.

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Data room test – Test it first!

Virtual data rooms are a fundamental communication tool for due diligence processes. Compare the data room manager dataroomX®, and test the cloud solution for 14 days without commitment for your DD business.

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