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The M & A industry uses specialized cloud providers for their due diligence processes. However, data room solutions must meet the high security requirements. But clouds especially designed for data rooms are rare or too expensive. For a number of years now, there have been specialized data room providers, which provide the documents to prospective […]

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Due Diligence in a virtual Data Room

Merger & Acquisitions (M & A) is a new technology that is leading the way: The virtual data room. In specialist circles, it is estimated that hardly any physical data room is set up for the purpose of monitoring company numbers in mergers and acquisitions. Virtual data rooms become the standard The virtual data room […]

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Rent data rooms

Customers can rent data rooms with dataroomX®. Companies use them for M&A, due diligence or real estate. As a rental solution, virtual data rooms have increasingly gained ground in recent years.

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